Lead Designer

Kathleen Layton

    Pablo Picasso once said “The meaning of life is to discover your gift and the purpose of life is to give it away.” I believe that with all my heart! There is nothing quite as fulfilling as living each day full of passion, sharing the gifts I have been blessed with and grateful for the opportunity to serve!

    I was blessed to discover my gift of design at an early age and continue to grow more passionately about it! Traveling and working abroad opened both eyes to new and exciting design styles and cultures. Having this experience helped shape and elevate my design perspective.

    The inspiration for any of my designs stems from the desire to create peace, joy and harmony in a space. I feel great design flows effortlessly and is able to evoke feelings and tell a story somewhat like a symphony or play. My goal as a designer is to always capture the spirit of my client and marry it with the essence of the space. Everything is energy and its important to respect and align with the energy of the given space. In understanding this and the emotional and physical forces which govern design I believe I have been able to better guide my clients into making decisions that delight their souls!


Kathleen Layton: Founder of Maison & Company