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“Whatever talent you have been given, use that talent to serve others to glorify God.”

-Kathleen Layton

With over 20 years of experience joyfully serving her clients between the interior design, remodeling, and landscaping industry, Kathleen is convinced that her life purpose is to help others find fulfillment through design! Even though she holds a degree in Interior Design, Kathleen undoubtedly feels her time spent traveling and working abroad was her best education. It was in Italy where she learned the importance of respecting the Earth and harmonious living. She was also challenged to use her creative ingenuity to complete a project where the necessary resources were not available. Kathleen believes it was God who blessed her with the solution which had earned her the respect of her peers and host. She faced many trials and triumphs during that time which also helped further develop her perseverance and unwavering faith. Kathleen is someone who places her faith in God and who is passionate about learning, creating and making a positive difference in his kingdom! Blessed with a heartfelt love of humanity and all things design, Kathleen has a natural ability to connect, understand a vision and see beyond the average space. There is no doubt she is living her life purpose blessing others through her gift of design!

Kathleen Layton

Lead Designer and Founder

Interior Design

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Interior Design
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